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We live in a beautiful and dynamic city. But sometimes legal problems crop up. You then may wonder - do I need a lawyer or should I hire a lawyer?

Maybe you've already tried working out a problem on your own, but you suspect you need more advice or assistance. Are you getting nowhere dealing with another party to a dispute? Were you in an accident and not sure if a lawyer could help you get a better settlement with the insurance company?

Are you a party to a contract that is not being honored? Do you have a landlord-tenant dispute? These are various examples of when you may need to call a lawyer - an initial telephone or email consultation costs you nothing but can give you peace of mind and can help you decide if it is the right time to retain a lawyer. Generally, when emotions are involved, the earlier you get a lawyer on board to negotiate for you, and explain your rights to you, the better things will go.

Call me today or email me with your legal question. The Law Office of Bonnie Follett is a small California legal practice based in San Francisco. Affordable Legal Services are provided to individuals and small businesses or on a contract basis with other law firms.



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